The fun-loving miscreants you know and love

ADRENALIN was founded in Denver, Colorado in 1994. The band was formed as a loosely organized group of misfits, experimenting with different sounds and moods, everything from metal to ballads to pure noise, finally settling on a sound best described as Alternative Rock. The band was put on hiatus in 1997 when bassist Dave Cactus moved out of state, forcing both him and guitarist Woody Barrelson to spin off side projects. Various attempts were made to reconnect the band, but nothing stuck until 2019, with the addition of Gre Gone on drums and a tighter focus on simple grunge and alternative riffs. All former amateurish attempts at recording have been wiped clean and their new release, Now, marks their full-fledged entry into music. Adrenalin aims to bring the sound of the 90s back around, inspiring listeners to stage dive into a world of flannel, checkered Vans, and fuzzy guitars.

Check out our music and let us know what you think. It means the world to us to share our music with you and everyone else, so if you like it, please share with your friends. Thank you!