Our latest album is called Now and its release on December 22, 2019 marks our first serious effort into getting our music into the hands of our fans. While it is true that there are other recordings in existence, anyone who has heard them will agree that Now is leaps and bounds ahead of anything we've ever released before.

The music has always been raw and angsty, but what sets Now apart is the attention to detail, both in recording quality and in musical knowledge. For the first time, the music flows together and is a good representation of what we wanted to convey to the listener. The first 30 seconds of the album start with a classic 90s Adrenalin vibe, guitars being plugged in, no equalization, just playing music. Then, as if creating a deliberate analogy to the addition of Gre Gone on drums, the focus changes to a more polished, but still raw, execution of one of our first songs, Chess Cow, which also serves as our mascot. From there through the album's end, you will take a journey through covers spanning from the 1960s all the way to 2019, as well as reworked renditions of our own 90s and 00s classics.