Ah, that staple of 90s CDs, the hidden track. Inspired by Nirvana's Endless, Nameless as much as the tendency of bands like The Who to smash their instruments at the end of a show, Adrenalin, also known as the Destruction Jam, was commonly played at the end of concerts and practices, as an outlet for our unnecessary teenage aggression. The song was traditionally done without drums and with few vocals other than "hey/Adrenalin," two pieces of the puzzle that continue today. Recordings of the song have been anywhere from five minutes to over 45, and included everything from detuning strings to simulate destruction to actually damaging instruments and equipment. Fortunately for the listener, we kept this version down to 9 minutes, and kept the destruction to a minimum; in the song's last minutes, guitar strings are violently thrashed with an Eisenhower dollar coin until they give way. As an unlisted track, this song's recording and inclusion was more for us than anyone else, kind of a cathartic release, symbolic of moving on from the era of 90s Adrenalin to Now.