Adrenalin Now is everything you love about 90s grunge bands, alt rock, and punky influences all combined into a 14 track album of nostalgia. It's a breath of fresh, grungy air. These guys would be right at home along side Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. This is truly an undiscovered gem waiting for you to add to any alt rock and grunge playlist. Pretty soon, you'll find yourself very comfortably singing along about your dad being a pussy, saying fuck me fuck you I don't care, and pseudo screaming Adrenalin over and over. Another little tribute is a cover of Seven Nation Army with the bass and drums completely shining through. This album is incredibly well constructed, well executed, and these guys know exactly what kind of style they want to showcase. I'm excited to see more from them in the future. ”

— Alanna A.

Now is an absolute blast! Such great energy and so much fun from start to finish. A perfect mix of original songs and great covers. I'd forgotten how great it is to put on an album and not want to skip through half the tracks. Adrenalin is an apt band name... I feel pumped for my workout.”

— Willow

Listening to Adrenalin reminds me of old favorites such as Metallica and Black Sabbath, with catchy hooks. Also reminds me of what I like best about Alice In Chains. Adrenalin is a definite keeper!”

— Cyrus O'Merican

Raw, buzzing and passionate slice of fuzzed up alt rock. A deep burrowing bassline leads the charge in cahoots with fuzzed up guitar and meaty riffs as raw vocals chomp above. It is dark, menacing and claustrophobic...”

— Barry Gruff