Chess Cow

The first 30 seconds of the song, and album, start with a classic 90s Adrenalin vibe: guitars being plugged in, no equalization, just playing music. Much like the addition of color to the Wizard of Oz film, the focus changes to a more polished, but still raw, execution of one of our first songs, Chess Cow, which also serves as our mascot.

Chess Cow was the first song which founding members Dave and Woody wrote together: the first draft of the lyrics was written (using WordPerfect on a 386 computer) by Dave, and brought to Woody who had written the fierce chugging guitar part. This marked the first collaboration and the first work to truly embody the Adrenalin spirit of the 1990s.

Originally the lyrics had no real meaning other than a marching, droning rhythm, and they were reworked at least once before settling on the final version heard on the album.