Dave Cactus


Adrenalin bassist Dave Cactus was born in 1978, but his interest in music began in the early 1990s when Smells Like Teen Spirit first hit the airwaves. Initially a second guitarist, a chance encounter with a fat wad of cash landed a beautiful Washburn bass in Dave's lap, ensuring a change in job titles. Starting with aspirations to be a heavy metal guitarist, his interests changed to more of a grunge/alternative rock sound, eventually adding in dashes of pop punk and classic rock as needed. Dave's musical influences include Mudhoney, blink-182, and of course Nirvana.

Dave has been playing with Adrenalin since its inception in 1994, as well as contributing to other side projects on a limited basis. At the moment, however, his attention is focused on contributing to Adrenalin's upcoming projects, writing new songs and tweaking some classics.

Currently, Dave's equipment consists of a Mark Hoppus signature Fender bass, a Pete Wentz signature Squier bass, a five string Squier, and the original Washburn. Rounding out the Adrenalin sound is the distinctive fuzz of a classic Big Muff pedal.